Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Puppet Master 
by "The Liar Chair" a Facebook Page

Sociopaths enjoy sex and power especially when the two are combined and my X was no different. David was a great jugglers of woman. He especially relished creating rivalry and jealousy among his other woman and me. He would instigate feelings of mutual disrespect and even hatred among us. Watching several women fight over him would validate his ego. It also offered priceless entertainment to him.

Jealous emails and texts, as well as mutual insults and devaluation, offered an amusing spectator sport for him. It made him feel in charge: like he was the puppet master manipulating my and their emotions. The rivalry also has the additional advantage to him by creating artificial barriers among me and them. Our aggression turned against one another rather than towards the real enemy, him, who was using and mistreating us all.

David liked to establish a link of complicity in the Sociopath bond with his other woman and if I am going to be honest here, probably with me as well. something along the lines of, you lied to her (me) too, so therefore you’re just as bad and deceitful as I am. Furthermore, he needed to have his sense of power over us all constantly reaffirmed. Since he at the core is a malicious human being, the way he helped confirm his power best was by colluding with his affairs and me to deceive and hurt others.

By David turning these other women against me and one another, he made each of us simultaneously his co-conspirator and his dupe, the deceiver and the deceived. His goal was always to manipulate me and them into deflecting our negative emotions towards each other so that we would remain blind to the real threat posed by him. Emotionally living through this, it was more perspective for me to accept that than the truth: namely, that my soul mate, spouse and the person I loved wants to destroy me and is using me as a weapon to hurt others and vice versa. Only when I was strong enough and away from him able to open my eyes and face reality did I begin to see the machinations of David as the puppet master.

My X has an uncanny ability to turn women who don’t know one another against each other through his egregious lies and discreet smear campaigns. Usually after slandering his ex partners to his new partners and vice versa, David would sit back and enjoy the show. Aside from the entertainment value and the sense of being in charge, David got something else out of generating conflict among us. He got back-ups to his back-ups. Given that he’s bound to mistreat every woman he’s involved with, he certainly needs back-ups and options. David has always known through both intuition and experience, that the honeymoon phase won’t last long no matter how exciting and promising a given relationship may seem in the beginning. He will always be looking around the corner for the next best thing... A new victim that has no idea who he really is and odds are, he will find that person waiting and willing to be his next partner in crime. ~J